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David Macejka


david macejka



David plays modern drum kit, and a variety of ancient world percussion. He has recorded, performed and produced with a number of ensembles across several genres including the Grammy nominated Zydeco album "Can't Sit Down".  David has released 2 all hand drumming cds inspired by afro-cuban ritual drumming and dance (Hunto) and inspired by Middle Eastern Tribal drumming and dance (Poi for Gadje). He also released a collaborative cd inspired by Indian, Persian and Turkish music (Sookh Tan). All releases can be found on his Bandcamp page here. Currently he is performing and touring with his band Cu Dubh full time and is selectively available for live performance, recording and educational programs..

metals, gongs and handpans


David has performed and recorded with a variety of metals including all types of gongs, waterphone, steel tongue drums and handpans/pantams. Using these instruments he has done a number of live performances to facilitate meditation and yoga practice . He uses Pantam's from Pantheon Steel, Saraz, BEllArts, Zen, Bali Steel and steel tongue drums from Ajna Drums. He has released 7 cds that express the voicings of these entrancing  metal instruments- Gongs, Lull, The Weeping Bells, Stargazers and Pleasure Wheels, An Enchantment of Woods, Witch Water and Eclipse. All current releases are available on his Bandcamp page here.



cu dubh

primal drums and bagpipes


Currently David is touring, recording and producing with his band Cu Dubh. A tribal Celtic group mixing world drumming with Scottish Bagpipes, the band has put out 10 cds and a DVD featuring Petite Jamilla of the Belly Dance Superstars fame. In this ensemble David uses Tupan / Davul's made by Treehouse Drums. To check out Cu dubh's music and see David on tour with Cu Dubh be sure to check out the dates their website here..

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